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A get out of jail free card is a metaphorical way to refer to anything that will get someone out of an undesirable situation or allow them to avoid punishment.
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Trigger Happy TV - Get out of jail free card

Your feedback will be reviewed. He warns Americans that their nationality is not a get-out-of-jail-free card if they break the law abroad.

Allowing and permitting. What is the pronunciation of get-out-of-jail-free card? Browse get your wires crossed idiom. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Image credits. Word of the Day buttercream. Blog Learning Synonyms November 27, Read More. New Words laughter club. November 25, To top.

get out of jail free card

Anyone who tried to punish Xena: Warrior Princess of her past warlord crimes were such fanatical Inspector Javerts that their technically true accusations were eclipsed. Or she saved everyone who wanted to punish her and they let her off. For a literal example of this, one episode had her tried for murder and sent to prison Naturally, she was set free after all this was revealed.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has several examples: Willow murdered two people, tried to kill several more including Dawn, Buffy and Giles and nearly destroyed the world. Her punishment essentially amounted to a summer vacation in England to learn to control her powers. The whole "magic addiction" thing and losing her girlfriend Tara in the most gut-wrenching way possible were probably considered to be "extenuating circumstances", though one wonders if she ever saw a psychologist throughout that summer, like, ever.

In the early part of the series Faith committed crimes including murder At the end of the series, she escaped - which was admittedly justified since she had an attempt on her life made and had to join the team to save the world; there was no sign that she intended to go back to jail once the emergency was over, though and in the Season Eight comics she doesn't, and in fact her attempts to gain more permanent freedom outside the U.

This is partly justified, since she's still a Slayer, and therefore more useful to the world-saving forces of Good when on the outside, and owing to an ongoing redemption plot , but still Andrew murders Jonathan and is accepted as a member of the group with no punishment aside from spending a few days tied to a chair and being initially shunned , and is never turned in to the authorities - even once it becomes clear to the group that he has no useful information to offer them. He ends up remaining as a often hopelessly useless member of the team in Season Eight, though his role there seems to largely be to create Plucky Comic Relief Spike after he was chipped counts as this.

He couldn't physically hurt humans, but time and again he proved he was still dangerous. It got worse when he and Buffy got in a relationship, as stated above.

"Get out of Jail Free" Card

Everyone in Buffy gets a pass from all the others, because there is really no one to cast the first stone. They've all done it. So you can earn a spot on her little pep squad? You think she'll ever let you in?

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You're a murderer. Andrew : Confidentially, a lot of her people are murderers. Uh, Anya and Willow and Spike There's only one in the pack. Newspaper Comics. Subverted in the comic strip Broom-Hilda , when Broom-Hilda was put on trial for her latest crime spree and found guilty.

The trope is subverted when Irwin's ploy fails. However in the next day's strip, Broom-Hilda is out of jail anyway. Tabletop Games. Furthermore, since people in jail can still collect rent and trade properties without fear of paying rent to others , staying in jail as long as possible is a good late-game strategy. A common House Rule is to disallow a player in jail collecting rent. Back in the 70's, the Harvard Lampoon put out an issue that dealt with cheating. Included in this issue was an article with materials for cheating at Monopoly including a fake Chance card that sent you to Jail for Life.

If things got too bad in the game, you could palm this card and go to Jail; and since you still collected rents, you would eventually win, although it might take a long time. Video Games. Max Payne goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge in the first game of his series in which he guns down hundreds of assorted mafiosi and drug pushers. Not only does he not spend a single day in jail for any of this, but he's still on the NYPD payroll in the second game.

Since Woden stands for Odin in the game's Norse mythology theme, it's no surprise that he's got the power to pull off such a feat. In the second game, Max is actually haunted by the fact that he escaped punishment. When the player character becomes Sheogorath, prince of madness, it is impossible for him to be imprisoned within the Shivering Isles; the guards will instead escort you outside the city limits and leave you to go off adventuring until you can pay the fine or not.

This sometimes leads to the less than amusing glitch of having a fine considered by the game to be too large to be paid off ,with no option to serve your sentence that is, your crimes being so heinous the only option is immediate attempted execution by the arresting guard or jail , making walking through most towns feel reminiscent of any given level from Splinter Cell. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim allows you to become thane of all the holds in the region. This in turn allows you to commit a crime and demand to be let go because you are the thane, even if that crime is multiple murder.

However, you can only use this one time in each hold, or at most twice if the ruler of a hold changes and you become thane to the new Jarl. You may be innocent.

In Mass Effect 2 , one method you can use to "solve" a hostage situation is killing the hostage yourself in plain view of the local law enforcement. They don't react at all.

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Granted, you're a possibly former Spectre, basically a covert agent reporting directly to the highest level of government, but you're out of favor with them, and you'd expect security to at least react. As for the person who attempted to assassinate the person and took him hostage when that went south, you can convince the security leader to put him to work helping homeless kids on the Citadel rather than pressing charges which would almost certainly lead to jail time.

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In the Spyro the Dragon reboot trilogy, Cynder was the Big Bad that had inflicted massive amounts of pain and suffering on everyone and very nearly unleashed the Ultimate Evil. Once she turns good, she's not punished due to the justified reason she was Brainwashed and Crazy the entire time. However, its inverted because, while the dragons forgave her, most of the other types of creatures sharing the land don't and she even has a hard time forgiving herself.

It is quite amusing seeing how many law enforcement you have killed and get away scot-free because of this piece of paper. You can get one of these in Grand Theft Auto 2 by scrapping a police car, which lets you keep your weapons the next time you get busted. Fallout: New Vegas has this as a plot point. Before you hit the main plot of the game, you can gleefully set about killing members of both primary factions Legion and NCR , which will naturally make them want to kill you.

As soon as you reach the Strip and talk to Benny, both factions immediately pardon you of any crimes because you're an asset they want on their side. This works only once. If you proceed to laugh in their faces and continue the slaughter then they'll quickly become your enemy again, this time for good and locking off their endings permanently. There's also a perk for this called "Ain't Like That Now" that can only be taken if your karma is negative, i. Your karma is reset to neutral, making people ambivalent towards you again, and you get a slew of other bonuses like faster attack speed and immunity to crits.

Dark Seed has a very literal one, given to you by the local attorney. Its use is required to complete the game, as you need to put some items in the real world jail to access them in the Dark World jail, but can't waste a night in the cell without rendering the game Unwinnable. Resident Evil 6 : While she was forced into it and only did so to protect her sister, Helena Harper still aided Simmons in killing the President and the C-Virus outbreak in Tall Oaks, killing over 70, people. Nonetheless, at the end of the game, her superiors decide it unjust to hold her accountable and give her a clean slate.

Web Animation. However, she has a long friendship with Blake, who isn't interested in punishing her: she just wants to help Ilia find a way back from the moral cliff edge she's currently jumping off. Ilia is also an accessory to the murder of Sienna, having known about it in advance, and also is required to set up Blake's kidnapping for Adam while the Albain brothers assassinate Blake's parents. During the fight inside the Belladonna household, Blake convinces Ilia to turn her back on Adam's vision for the White Fang.

When Blake publicly announces that she's going to forgive Ilia and let her come with her to save Haven, Sabre Rodentia, the police chief, demands to know why Ilia's going to be forgiven instead of thrown into jail for all she's done. Ghira then gives Sabre a lecture in the strength of forgiveness while Sun's 'revenge' for being stabbed is to give Ilia's arm a quick pinch and call it even.